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This weekend marks the beginning of the New York Jets season. Whether you’re a die-hard Jets fan, you’re new to the Jets program, or you just want to take in some old-fashioned pigskin; you’re likely weighing the pros and cons of the various transit options to Metlife Stadium. Some of you probably remember the great fiasco of the 2014 Super Bowl at Metlife when the NFL cut in half the amount of parking spots allowed and individuals stood in line for a train for over an hour. Fear not, all parking spots are available (for $150-200) and there definitely won’t be over 80,000 people attending the season opener against the Cleveland Browns. Whether you’re coming from Connecticut, Upstate, Long Island, or the city; you have three main options when considering transit to Metlife: car, train, or bus.

The Stadium is easily accessible and surrounded by major roadways including the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway. There are nearly 25,000 parking spaces distributed among 14 lots surrounding MetLife, with a couple thousand more spots within walking distance of the stadium. The simplest – simplest being no dealing with calling a car or buying a bus ticket – method would be to drive your own car to the stadium. Unfortunately, there are multiple cons when considering driving your car: tolls, traffic, parking, and extracurricular activities.
Tolls could cost you at least $40 total if you’re coming from Long Island or Connecticut. 40 DOLLARS.
Traffic is especially bad in the NY metro area when there is a sporting event – you will likely be sitting in traffic for at least an hour just waiting to get off the highway and into stadium parking. Taking the shortest and most direct route from Midtown, the Lincoln Tunnel, can take one hour to move 10 miles at the height of traffic.
Parking. So Metlife requires a parking permit to park in their lettered lots and the permit lasts for the endurance of the regular season but unfortunately that permit costs between $150-200. If you’re a fan only looking to attend one game, than buying a parking permit makes no sense.
Last but not least – you cannot enjoy the true essence of tailgating at a football game: drinking.

Pro Tip: Take a TailBus. Don’t worry about tolls, don’t worry about parking, and drink as much as you want. Heck, we will get the drinking started before you even get off the bus.

Uber, Lyft
Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing services are a great alternative to dealing with driving your own car to any event. In the case of getting to Metlife, Uber is only a viable option for individuals trying to get to Metlife from New York City, outer boroughs, or Northern New Jersey as a fare estimate from Hempstead comes to $150. While Uber is great if you and a group of friends want an easy, private way to get to Metlife from Manhattan; there are some drawbacks. The Uber will likely be surging and the fare estimate from Midtown is nearly $70, so you will still be doling out some cash. You’ll likely be stuck in a car with three of your friends for over an hour and depending on the quality of your driver, the ride could be quite unpleasant.

Better Option: Get 30 of your friends and take a TailBus. We will provide you with easy access to the stadium, free booze onboard, and the option to tailgate.

Those looking to get to Metlife from Connecticut or various parts of Long Island typically rely on the train. Connecticut residents take Metro-North to the Frank R. Lautenberg train station in Secaucus, N.J, which is where most of the train service in New Jersey connect. The price to get to Secaucus differs from where you’re coming from in the NJ/NYC area; those taking the Newark and Hoboken train will pay $8.00, while those taking the train from New York Penn Station will pay $10.00. From Secaucus, you can take the Meadowlands Rail Service to Metlife Stadium. The train is cheap and relatively easy with one major drawback: crowds. The trains will likely be relatively full on the way to the stadium as everyone has their preferred arrival times, but the return trip could be an absolute nightmare as everyone just wants to get home.

Best Bet: Buy a $45 roundtrip ticket on TailBus that will take you from Manhattan to Metlife and back and you won’t have to worry about being shoved by drunk Jets fans or fighting for a seat on a bus.

Take a Coach USA 351 Meadowlands Express Bus for an inexpensive, non-stop trip to the game. The 351 Meadowlands Express boards at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and takes you to the Meadowlands in plenty of time for you to get to your seat. After each game the bus returns to the Port Authority. The trip runs $10 roundtrip and $5 one way. The 351 is a great way to get to a Jets game especially if you want to get into the mood for the game before you arrive the stadium, meaning the bus is typically filled with drunk Jets fans screaming about Geno’s broken jaw.

Better Bet: TailBus. Grab 30 of your friends, or 10, and hop on your very own charter bus. If you don’t want to deal with douchebag Jets fans, you don’t have to. Ride in peace or begin the boozing onboard and don’t worry about fighting with anyone for a seat aboard the 351 back to Port Authority.

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