Let’s be real—We all need a staycation every now and then. That’s where TailBus comes in. We give New Yorkers access to getaways near NYC that are fun, affordable, and hassle-free. All it takes is an idea and a few friends to get on the road. Some of our most popular destinations include wineries, concerts, the beach, and seasonal activities, such as hiking or Oktoberfest. Sound like something you and your friends would enjoy? Keep reading to learn more about how to crowdsource a chartered bus trip in NYC.


  1. Have a Plan for How to Crowdsource a Chartered Bus Trip in NYC

The first step in crowdsourcing a chartered bus trip is making a plan. TailBus has a talented staff that simplifies the planning process, so all you really need is a destination. Once you dream up a sweet spot to party, epic event to take in, or relaxing location to enjoy, contact our team via the planning page. We’ll ask you a few quick questions and work through the nitty-gritty details so you don’t have to. We’ll get back to you ASAP with a finalized itinerary, so you can start inviting friends to join you on your staycation.

  1. Promote Your Trip 

After you have a detailed plan, it’s time to start inviting others to join you. At TailBus, we offer a crowdsourcing option so you can connect with old and new friends who have similar interests. The best part about planning a trip yourself is that if 29 people join you on your journey, you’ll ride for free! We’ll give you a custom URL, so you can email and text your contacts to see if anyone is interested in coming onboard. Another great way to promote your trip is via social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a great way to spread your message. If you post quality content, use appropriate hashtags, and engage with other uses, you’re sure to reach potential tailers who just may become your new best friends. For more tips on how to extend your reach on social channels, check out this step-by-step tutorial to posting killer Instagram content!

  1. Party with Friends on Chartered Bus NYC

We believe the journey is as much fun as the destination, and will do everything in our power to make sure the transportation portion of your getaway is fun and hassle-free. We provide free booze onboard to our tailers and the option to tailgate at sporting events. We’re really just here to serve you and ensure you have the best time possible. Connect with our team to learn more about add-ons that can take your trip to the next level.

It’s really as easy as 1-2-3! If you need a few more details about how to crowdsource a chartered bus trip in NYC, reach out to our wonderful staff via the contact form. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and will do everything we can to give your dream wheels and get you and your buddies on the road!

The storm this weekend has us all dreaming about spring. Sure the snow is beautiful for a while, but we’re ready for sunny, warm days to return. As we look forward to a new season, we can’t help but get excited about the upcoming events at TailBus! We have a full schedule of daytrips, staycations, and excursions to a variety of events and locations. As we prep the trips for this upcoming season, we’re inspired by our favorite outings last year. One trip that stands out in particular is our “Celebrate Spring TailBus Winery Trip.” This journey to wineries near NYC was full of friends, fun, and delicious varietals. Check out some of the highlights…

Traveling to Wineries Near NYC

Our tailers started the day at 2:00pm with boarding and check-in at Union Square, NYC. The convenient pickup and drop off spot made it easy for everyone to get to the bus quickly, getting us on the road by 2:15pm. Once on board, our guests were treated to complementary wine and quality conversation with the other people on board. At TailBus, we believe the journey should be as much fun as the destination. We pride ourselves in creating a welcoming, fun environment that invites our tailers to connect with one another and make new friends. If you’re looking to get connected with fellow New Yorkers who like adventuring, TailBus is a great fit for you! Learn more about our low-key city escapes by visiting our “discover” page.

Spending an Afternoon at a New Jersey Winery

We arrived at Hopewell Valley Winery in Hopewell, New Jersey around 4:00pm. Once we unloaded, tailers had three hours to tour the winery, enjoy wine tasting, and take in the live music. The weather was beautiful—absolutely perfect for a spring afternoon outdoors. After a picturesque outing, we selected a few of our favorite wines from the tasting, bought multiple bottles, and boarded the bus bound for NYC. We made it back to Union Square, New York, NY by 8:30pm, giving our group plenty of time to enjoy an evening in the city. Our transportation is hassle-free and saves time and money on parking. We take on the stress of driving through the city, so all you and your friends have to worry about is having a good time.

Booking a Charter Bus Trip to Wineries Near NYC

If you’re a New Yorker who likes to experience new things with new people, you’d love TailBus outings! We exist to connect likeminded people and send them on unique daytrips to promote community and foster adventures. If you’d like to hop on board, visit our “discover” page to learn about future trips and excursions to wineries near NYC. We travel all over the great state of New York and beyond, so it’s easy to find a trip that’s tailored to your interests. If you have a killer idea for our next outing, visit our “planning” page, where a member of our staff will help make your dream a reality. We offer crowd-sourced planning options and chartered bus services, giving you plenty of options while planning your next great getaway.



Birthdays only come once a year and should be celebrated accordingly. If you’re in charge of planning your best friend’s birthday bash or want to throw a party of your own, you should brainstorm ahead of time to come up with creative ideas to set the day apart. You don’t want a birthday party to feel like any other weekend. Your activities should be unique and out of the ordinary, maximizing your party potential. One of our favorite birthday party trends this year is the weekend-long celebration. We’ve created the perfect itinerary that includes a NYC party bus, so you don’t have to question how to plan the best birthday party.


Friday Evening: How to Plan the Best Birthday Party

The workweek is over and the birthday weekend has begun! Have your friends meet up at the Ace Hotel, a boutique accommodation in Midtown Manhattan. Have drinks in the lobby and enjoy the hub of travelers and locals alike, all enjoying the ambiance of the historic, turn-of-the-century building. There is a gallery in the space and it often features free exhibits, so you can stroll and unwind from your hectic week.

Saturday Morning:

Who doesn’t love a good mimosa and eggs benedict on a Saturday morning? Venture out for a mid-morning brunch at Rosemary’s and give the birthday girl or guy their gifts. This is a great time to chat and relax before the birthday bash really gets started. If you like events to feel more planned, ask the guests to prepare a few thoughts about what they admire most about the birthday girl or guy.

Saturday Afternoon:

After a boozy brunch, take a stroll around the neighborhood and pop in any cute shops or grab coffee at a local café. Slowly make your way back to the hotel, take a dip in the pool, and capture some cute candid photos in the photo booth located in the lobby. Head back to your rooms and get ready to go out for the evening!

Saturday Night:

Reserve a private party bus to take you to and from the hottest bars and clubs in NYC. Start the evening with drinks and small plates at a rooftop bar downtown and have your party bus provide safe, hassle-free transportation for the rest of the night. Go dancing or check out a local band that has a show. Try new things for an unforgettable experience! You’ll be provided with free drinks onboard the party bus, so you can get the party started early and keep it going all night long! Visit our planning page to learn more about reserving a NYC party bus.

Sunday Morning:

Meet for coffee or breakfast in the hotel lobby and thank your guests for coming. You’ll still have a full day left to recoup and prepare for the workweek, so you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go on Monday morning.

If you’re thinking about how to plan the best birthday party, consider a birthday weekend and include a NYC party bus! Your friends are sure to love the mini staycation and making memories together.



New York City is known as the city that never sleeps. If you live downtown, you know it’s true. People are constantly coming and going, and the city noise never dies down. Don’t get us wrong, we love our city, but sometimes you need a break. That’s why the team at TailBus came up with a series of day trips. Our mini staycations offer stress-free getaways without the hassle of getting time off work. We provide you with transportation and free drinks on the way to a relaxing destination, so you can indulge in some much deserved “me” time away from the hectic city streets. Check out our list of the best New York day trips and start dreaming of your next escape.


Best New York Day Trips: Visit a winery.

Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a trip to a nearby winery. New Jersey is home to some of the best vineyards around, and they’re far enough outside of the city that you feel like you’ve gone away on vacation. One of our favorite TailBus winery trips was to Hopewell Valley Vineyards. This charming winery hosts live music, offers free tours, and lets guests wander the vineyard. Our group enjoyed the afternoon escape and free wine onboard our luxury charter bus. If you want to plan a trip to a local winery, visit our planning page to connect with a member of our team.

Escape to the Horse Races

A classy afternoon at the Belmont Park Race Track is refreshing and oh-so-fun. This staycation offers a break from ordinary weekend activities and gives you the chance to connect with new friends and experience something unique together. TailBus provided transportation and complementary mimosas to a group of Tailers that wanted to witness American Pharaoh’s Ride to Immortality. This monumental trip to see who would win the Triple Crown was one of the best New York day trips we’ve ever taken. For photos from our daytrip, check out our trip photo gallery.

Plan a Beach Day

When the sun is shining and the temperatures are high, there’s nothing better than escaping to the beach for an afternoon. Our chartered bus trip took an adventurous group for a scenic ride up the coastline to Robert Moses Beach and provided complementary mimosas and free beach swag on the drive. Upon arrival, Tailers enjoyed basking in the sun, swimming in the surf, and eating good food at the local bar & grill. For more details about our beach day trip, visit our event page.

Explore Nature and Enjoy a German Tradition

The team at TailBus values unique experiences and works to empower New Yorkers, so they can escape the city and enjoy the beauty of our great state. In the autumn months, one of our favorite day trips is to the mountains. Bear Mountain offers some of the best hiking paths, so you can get out in nature and unwind. On our last trip to Bear Mountain, we dropped the group at the Oktoberfest after they were done exploring. Tailers loved the seasonal aspects of the getaway (and of course the beer and bratwurst!)

If you’re in need of a city escape, check out the best New York day trips. We’ll take you to a unique spot and bring you back refreshed and ready for what the workweek will throw your way. Visit our planning page to dream up your next day trip now!

On February 7th, 2016, the Carolina Panthers will meet the Denver Broncos in an epic battle to determine who’s the best in the National Football League. With stakes this high, it’s no wonder the Super Bowl is the most popular sports game of the year. Last year, with 114.4 million viewers, the Super Bowl was officially recorded as the most-watched show in U.S. history – and this year will be no different. The question isn’t IF you’re watching Super Bowl 50, it’s WHERE you’re watching it.


Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers

The Denver Broncos won 12 games in regular season, putting them at the number one spot in the AFC. They had 314 total first downs, 5688 total offensive yards, 52 sacks, and 38 touchdowns. The Carolina Panthers won 15 games in regular season, putting them at the number one spot in the NFC South. They had 357 total first downs, 5871 total offensive yards, 44 sacks, and 59 touchdowns. For more Carolina Panthers stats or Denver Broncos stats, visit the NFL website.

Who is Performing at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show?

Even if you’re not into football, the halftime show and the commercials makes the Super Bowl worth watching. This year, Coldplay will take the stage for the first time ever. Rumors have it that they will be joined by Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, which would make it one of the greatest halftime lineups ever. The game is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. ET, so you can expect the halftime show around 8-8:30 p.m.

Tips for Throwing the Best Super Bowl 50 Party

Hey party people: It’s time to whip out your team’s colors, bring all the T.V.’s to the living room, and stock up on beer – Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner! If you love to host events, you’re probably stoked about the opportunity to have your friends over for Super Bowl 50. Game day provides a unique opportunity for people who love to entertain, because you have a definite theme and something to keep your guests engaged all afternoon.

One of the most important elements of your party will be the food. On game day, people want something they can snack on throughout the afternoon. Look for menu items that can be prepped ahead of time, so you don’t miss out on any of the action. If you want to get more creative than chips and dip, opt for a fresher fare like homemade guacamole or shrimp dressed in dill and lemon-tinged vinaigrette.

Another thing to consider is your party décor for Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers 2016. Are all of your guests Panther fans? Deck out the house in blue, black, silver, and white! Do you all cheer for the Broncos? Bring in all the blue and orange you can find. If you have a mixed crowd, opt for more general décor. Consider incorporating themed elements into your buffet line. Artificial grass makes a super unique tablecloth. Pair it with risers that mimic stadium seating and you’ll have the coolest food line around. Be sure to encourage your guests to break out their jerseys or their team’s colors and provide face paint at your house to amp up the team spirit.

Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers 2016

The staff at TailBus is pumped for the big game! We hope you all have a great weekend enjoying some good football, good food, and a good time together with friends.






Terminal 5 is a unique concert venue that gives concert attendees an intimate music experience in a big venue setting. The space may hold up to 3,000 screaming fans, but the multiple levels bring you closer to the entertainment, so there’s not a bad spot in the house. If you’re planning a trip to see one of your favorite artists here this year, consider riding with TailBus. Our transportation is reliable and fun, so you can get the party started early!

Terminal 5 Concert

When you take a bus to concert at Terminal 5, you avoid the headache that traffic and parking can cause. (There’s nothing worse than showing up late to the show after sitting in rush hour traffic for hours!) With TailBus, you and your friends can enjoy pre-show drinks onboard while our professional driver gets you to and from your event in style. If you’re interested in taking a party bus to your next concert, visit our planning page and connect with our staff – We’d love to give your dream wheels!

Terminal 5 Concerts

What’s an amazing venue without amazing artists? Luckily, the shows at Terminal 5 are as cool as the location, making a night at the venue absolutely unforgettable. What's better than enjoying drinks with your friends as you rock out to your favorite band?!

We think the lineup at Terminal 5 is looking especially good this year. Get ready for the musical acts that are going to hit one of NYC’s hottest venues by checking out a rundown of what’s in store for you this season.




Kid Cudi

The Devil Makes Three

Eric Prydz Presents EPIC 4.0

Best Coast & Wavves



Adam Lambert


Pat Green

Big Gigantic


Dr. Dog


Carly Rae Jepsen – Gimmie Love Tour

GALACTIC featuring Cyril Neville & Erica Falls, SOULIVE


Andrew Bird



Flatbush Zombies

At The Drive-In


For a complete list of the concerts coming to Terminal 5 in 2016, review their official event calendar HERE. You can purchase your tickets through Ticketmaster and your transportation through TailBus. It’s so easy to get on the road to an event at Termainl 5!

Transportation to Terminal 5

With TailBus, getting to Terminal 5 has never been so easy. When you plan a trip with us, we establish a central meeting location downtown so you and your friends or fellow fans can hop onboard and indulge in the luxury of hassle-free transportation. We charge a flat fee to all the tailers and often include free booze and swag onboard to make the drive more fun. We believe in the beauty of the journey, and will do everything we can to make your night unforgettable – from beginning to end. We’ll leave the venue after the show and return you to the central meeting location. You forgo all the traffic and steep parking fees, leaving you feeling that concert afterglow for hours. Learn more about planning a crowd-sourced bus to concert at Terminal 5 or charter bus to concert at Terminal 5 HERE. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes, giving you plenty of time to dream about your big night out.




New York City is the entertainment capital of the east coast. The hottest artists always stop in the city, giving residents front row seats to the latest and greatest in music. We’ve done some research and are stoked about the lineup coming in 2016! From ultra-indie bands to rap stars, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Review our list of the top-five New York City concerts 2016 and start dreaming up your next party bus trip!

crowd at concert

Concerts in NYC

  1. The Governors Ball Music Festival 2016

Number one on our list, and with good reason, the Governors Ball Music Festival brings all of our favorite artists together for an event unlike anything else you’ll see this year. The line-up includes The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, Two Door Cinema Club, The Strokes, Of Monsters and Men, Kanye West and much more! The event will take place at Randall’s Island Friday, June 3rd – Sunday, June 5th. Buy you tickets and plan a TailBus trip to the festival soon - You deserve a weekend away. 

  1. Florence and the Machine

Florence and the Machine, an English indie rock band, is coming to the Barclays Center on Tuesday, June 14th. The night promises to be an unforgettable combination of killer music and good vibes. Get your tickets for the last show of their tour ASAP, as they’re sure to sell out fast!

  1. 50 Cent

It’s time to party like it’s your birthday with TailBus! Reserve a party bus and enjoy pre-show drinks and dancing on the way to 50 Cent’s appearance at the B.B. King Blues Club and Grill. This New York native’s show isn’t something you want to miss.

  1. Tori Kelly

Grab your girlfriends (or the dudes!) and spend the night singing your hearts out to Tori Kelly's ballads. This rising star is stopping by NYC on her 2016 tour and tickets to the show are selling fast! Catch her on Thursday, April 28th or Friday, April 29th for a little singer-songwriter action that’s irresistible.

  1. Noah Gundersen

American indie folk at its finest. This show will be a great escape from your hectic work week. Depend on TailBus for transportation, so you can indulge in rhythmic melodies while remaining as stress-free as possible.

Transportation to Concerts in New York City

Forget the hassle of traffic and steep parking fees! When you crowd-source a TailBus trip, you and your friends will receive service fit for the stars as you ride in style to NYC’s hottest concerts. We provide free booze onboard our chartered bus trips and offer central pick up locations to make it easy for you to get to the hottest concerts of the year. Reach out to our team to start planning transportation to New York City concerts 2016. If enough friends join your trip, you could even ride for free!

Whether you enjoy an all-night party with 50 Cent or would prefer a chill evening with Noah Gundersen, the city’s music scene has something for everyone. Checkout the rundown of our party bus fleet here and start dreaming up your next big bash. Planning a trip takes only a few seconds, making it so easy for you to get on the road to New York City concerts 2016!


Thanks to the creativity and adventurous spirit of our fellow New Yorkers, TailBus had a full schedule of trips last year. From concerts to city escapes, our chartered buses have traveled all over the beautiful state of New York and beyond. Last week, we posted an overview of our year on the blog and it inspired us to start planning 2016’s chartered bus trips. Check out our list of the top ten must-do chartered bus trips in 2016 and make room on your calendar for adventure!

Top Ten Inline Image

  1. Ride with TailBus to a sporting event.

When you travel to a game with TailBus, you’re instantly connected with fellow fans to party with. We offer free booze onboard and an option to tailgate with us at the stadium, giving you the ultimate game-day experience.

  1. Party like a rock star with a TailBus party bus.

Our show-stopping party bus trips transport you in style for your girls’ night out or any other big bash. We provide you with safe and reliable transportation, so all you have to worry about is having a good time!

  1. Celebrate every season with a festive trip.

Celebrate the changing seasons with a festive TailBus trip! We’ll take you and your crew to a pumpkin patch, Christmas tree farm, haunted house, or any other event. If you can dream it, we can do it!

  1. Play paintball on a Saturday afternoon.

Sometimes we all need a little time to let loose and unwind. Whether you discover a pre-planned paintball trip or get a group of friends together to go on chartered bus trips, you’re sure to have a great time!

  1. Indulge your inner thrill seeker with a trip to an amusement park.

Shaking up the norm is easy at Six Flags! Grab a group and enjoy some of the largest rollercoasters in the nation. Your friends are sure to love this thrilling weekend getaway.

  1. Unwind with a weekend visit to a winery.

Escape the busyness of the city and sample the best blends in the state. What’s better than getting all dressed up on the weekend for a classy afternoon out?

  1. Journey with friends to test-drive the hottest new cars.

We’ll take you to a closed course so you can test-drive the fastest new automobiles. This trip is a great start to a bachelor party and easily transitions to a wild night out with the boys.

  1. Take in the city’s best concerts.

Living in New York City gives you easy access to the hottest music acts around. The only not-so-great part? Traffic. With TailBus, you get VIP transportation to the concerts you don’t want to miss. There’s no need to worry about parking or who’s going to drive.

  1. Escape the city with a beach trip.

Sometimes a daytrip to the ocean is just what you need. Relax and unwind with TailBus transportation to the beach. We’ll even provide you with booze onboard, so you can get the party started early!

  1. Spend the day at the racetrack.

Get dressed to the nines and enjoy sipping on champagne at the racetrack. We dare you to come up with a better date idea.

We’re excited for the top ten chartered bus trips 2016 has to offer and want to encourage you to use your imagination to dream up a getaway that we’ve never done before! Simply head over to our planning page and get in contact with a member of our team to start the process.

Another year has come and gone and we’re celebrating all the places we traveled to in 2015. Last year, we took 25 successful TailBus trips to a wide variety of events and locations in and around New York City. From concerts to wineries, our charter buses have given wheels to a lot of ideas, connecting neighbors and strangers alike. Here is a brief recap of our 2015 charter bus trips in NYC to give you some inspiration for planning your 2016 TailBus getaway!



Sporting Events

Some of our favorite trips of 2015 have been to sporting events near NYC. We love the game day hype and serving up free booze to get the fans ready to cheer on their favorite team. We provided transportations to the Jets vs. Giants game, Leigh vs. Lafayette, Jaguars vs. Jets, Jets vs. Browns, Ohio State at Rutgers, and more! We also set up tailgating for our tailers to enjoy during their downtime. If you have a sporting event you want to get to in style, reach out our team to learn about chartering a bus or setting up crowd-sourced transportation and tailgating.



TailBus took a busload of eager fans to Taylor Swift’s tour at Metlife Stadium and provided mimosas and white wine for the tailers to enjoy on the road. When we travel to concerts, we do it in rock star style. We also took a trip to the Billboard Hot 100 Festival at Jones Beach and provided round trip transportation for both days of the festival.

TailBus Pumpkin Picking


Providing transportation to the hottest parties in and out of state were some of our favorite charter bus trips in NYC. In 2015, we took groups to barn parties, Talkhouse, the League’s party at Surf Lodge, and New Year’s Eve in Atlantic City. When we journey to parties, we get the night started early with complementary drinks onboard. Our tailers can rest assured that they’ll be provided with safe, hassle-free transportation to their event while they enjoy the party and their trip there.


City Escapes

Everyone needs to getaway from the city sometimes and TailBus provided multiple mini-vacation opportunities last year. We traveled to paintball, Six Flags’ Fright Fest, Oktoberfest and hiking, the Hunt, a pumpkin patch, wineries, Camp Rose, Moses Beach, horse races, distilleries, and more. We loved bringing people together to enjoy seasonal activities around the city and beautiful state of New York.


TailBus Charter Bus Trips in NYC

It’s been a wonderful year for the team at TailBus. We can’t wait to see where your creativity will take our charter bus trips in NYC in 2016. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our planning staff to start coordinating your trip for the New Year. We’re here to give your dreams wheels.

New York City is a hub of entertainment. The hottest shows frequent the big apple, and New Yorker’s have a front row seat to the biggest sporting events. The only problem is getting to these events. Transportation in NYC can be a bit tricky, considering the traffic and steep parking prices. If you and a group of friends want to get together and go to an event, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who wants to drive—That’s where TailBus comes in.VIP-party-bus-nightlife-tour-400x260

TailBus offers hassle-free transportation to the hottest events in New York City and the surrounding areas. You can rent a 40 passenger party bus or 50 passenger coach bus, or crowd-source a trip so other tailers can join you on the journey. Whether you have a great idea for a trip for a small group, or have a big group of friends that want to party in style on their way to an event, TailBus has a chartered bus for you. 

Our Charter Buses- 40 Passenger Party Bus and 50 Passenger Coach Bus

We have a wide selection of charter bus options for you to choose from. We offer party buses that range from 20-55 people and coach buses that range from 35-57 people. While most tailers prefer our larger charter buses, such as the 40 passenger party bus or 50 passenger coach bus, there are some events that are best chartered by a smaller bus.

Bachelor or Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and other special events may opt for a more intimate form of transportation, such as a 20 passenger party bus. Our 20 passenger party bus has fiber-optic lights, full wet bar, docking station for iphones, flat screen TV and more! It’s perfect for barhopping or getting you to and from an event in style.

Charter a Coach Bus in New York City

Our coach buses are a good form of transportation for large groups. Our fleet consists of seven bus options, so you can be sure we have the right bus for your event. Here is a list of our coach buses for rent in NYC:

35 Passenger Coach Bus

39 Passenger Coach Bus

50 Passenger Coach Bus

54 Passenger Coach Bus

55 Passenger Coach Bus

56 Passenger Coach Bus

57 Passenger Coach Bus  

How TailBus Works – Chartering a Bus in NYC

When you choose TailBus for your transportation needs, you can rest assured that you and your friends will make it to and from your event safely. Our driver’s are highly trained, offering you timely, professional service that takes all the stress out of travel. You can choose between a variety of coach buses and party buses, giving you the perfect option of transportation for any and every event.

Tailers have the choice to join a trip, or start their own journey. We offer unique, crowd-sourced trips that give you the freedom to present an idea to fellow New Yorker’s and invite them to join you on your way to the destination. Crowd-sourced trips are popular for sporting events, destinations, and concerts. If there is a hot event you want to get to in style, other New Yorker’s probably do it. When you start an event and 29 people join you, you’ll ride for free! All you have to do to get started is fill out our online contact form.

Contact Us for Chartered Busses in NYC

 If you’re interested in chartering a bus or initiating a crowd-sourced trip, reach out to our staff for a quote or help solidifying the details of your trip. We give your ideas wheels and make it easy to get on the road. Reach out to us now for charter bus service in New York City.

At TailBus, we offer more than charter bus transportation—We offer experiences. Chartered bus trips are a great way to celebrate with your friends or connect with fellow New Yorkers on your way to the city's hottest events. TailBus allows you to discover a current trip and join them on their journey, or create a new event. We also offer crowd-sourcing options, so you can get your idea rolling. Our unique approach brings people together to party on their way to sporting events, concerts, destinations, seasonal events, and more. Whether you’re looking for a 40 passenger party bus or 50 passenger coach bus, TailBus has a charter bus for you! 


Party Bus Size Variation

We understand that every event attracts a different crowd and requires a different form of transportation. We offer party buses that range in size, holding anywhere from 20-50 people. Our chartered buses are the highest quality, so you and your friends can party in style. Most buses are equipped with sound systems, televisions, fiber optic lights, neon lights, bars, and room to dance! Here is a list of the size and variation of party buses offered in NYC.

50 Passenger Party Bus: You and 49 of your closest friends can ride in style in this beautiful party bus. Equipped with strobe lights, day color lights, mirrors, fiber-optic lights, TV, disco floor, mahogany wood bar, and more, this top-of-the-line 50 passenger party bus is perfect for large groups that are ready to have a good time!

40 Passenger Party Bus: Just in case a spectacular light show, bar, and dance floor isn’t enough, this party bus also features over 200 television channels, a playstation, and commercial-free music.

35 Passenger Party Bus: Direct TV, neon lights, mahogany side bar, radio, CD, DVD, and more—this party bus is perfect for mid-sized groups that like to party TailBus style.

30 Passenger Party Bus: The journey to your destination will be a breeze with TV, movies, and music to keep your occupied on the way there. This gorgeous party bus is more intimate than our larger buses, but still offers enough room to bring the whole crew along.

24 Passenger Party Bus: For smaller soirées, this party bus features TV, radio, Ipod connection, and cool lights so you can party like a rock star with your closest friends.

For more specific information about the party buses available for your trip and a complete list of party bus options, please shoot us a message via our contact form.

Coach Bus Size Variation

When you’re looking for a method of transportation that’s efficient and comfortable, a coach bus may be the right choice for you. We offer charter buses that can hold anywhere from 35 – 57 passengers. Our 50 passenger coach bus is a great option for crowd-sourced trips. It offers plenty of room for tailers to join you on the journey, giving you a chance to ride free! For more information, please visit our planning page.

Charter Bus NYC – Rent Party Bus

If you’re looking for reliable, fun transportation to the next big event in NYC, contact TailBus. We offer elite party and coach buses and have a means of transportation to fit your event. Contact us now to start the planning process and to secure a 40 passenger party bus, 50 passenger coach bus, or any other charter bus for your next big trip!

We live in a connected society where getting places is easier than it’s ever been before. You have the option to take a plane, train, automobile, or public transportation to almost any destination in the world—So why would you choose a charter bus? At TailBus, we believe chartering a bus is the best way to get from point A to point B in style, and here’s why…


  1. Why travel by bus? Traveling with TailBus is fun.

TailBus is for people who love the journey as much as the destination. When you book a spot on one of our trips, you’re instantly connected with friends to celebrate with. Instead of driving yourself to Atlantic City for New Year’s Eve, you can reserve a spot on our Jersey Shore NYE trip and enjoy the company of hip New Yorkers, just like yourself, who are ready to have a great time. We even giveaway free swag and let you bring booze onboard, so you can get the party started early!

  1. When you ride with TailBus, you’ll get to your destination safely.

Unlike driving yourself or taking another form of public transportation, TailBus round-trip transit is safe and reliable. Our buses leave on time and get you where you need to be early, so there's no need to worry about unexpected city traffic that may make you miss your event. Our experienced drivers are committed to getting you to and from your destination without any problems, so all you have to worry about is having a great time!

  1. TailBus trips are affordable.

Do you have a great idea for a TailBus trip? Good news! We offer crowd-sourced adventures that get your idea on the road inexpensively. Tailers who join your trip only have to pay $39 and if 29 people ride along, you’ll travel for free! Our buses go to concerts, wineries, sporting events, destinations like the beach, and so much more. If you can dream it, we can do it!

  1. Chartering a bus maximizes your party time.

When you have a reliable, luxury bus getting you where you need to be, there’s no need to worry about where you’ll park or designating a driver for the trip back home. TailBus trips get the party started early with free booze onboard most of our buses, and keeps it going after the event is over. We believe that you should be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy your mini getaway without the hassle of driving in New York.

  1. Traveling with TailBus is easy.

With TailBus, chartering a bus has never been easier. We offer a variety of planning options, so you can find an approach that works for you. Simply fill out a short contact form and give us a brief overview of your trip idea. A member of our team will connect with you and work through all of the logistics so you can get on the road! Visit our planning page for more information.

The next time you need transportation from New York City to a football game, concert, destination, or any other event, call TailBus! Our trips are fun, safe, affordable, and so easy to join. Hop over to our website to browse our current trips or to start planning a getaway of your own—We look forward to partying with you!

At TailBus, we believe the journey should be as enjoyable as the destination. We’re dedicated to providing reliable and affordable transportation from NYC to the hottest events, so you can indulge in the experiences that make life fun. Our trips can be crowd-sourced or chartered, connecting you with new or old friends to share the journey with. With TailBus, chartering a bus has never been easier. In just a few minutes, you can set up a chartered bus trip and invite your friends to join you, getting you to and from events in style.

On a TailBus

Our Chartered Bus Trips from New York City

When it comes to traveling with TailBus, you can either join a trip that someone else has already created, or connect with our team and create your own trip. We offer crowd-sourced adventures and chartered bus trips. To get a better understanding of our chartered bus trips, check out our current featured events. We go to sports events, wineries, horse races, concerts, parties, seasonal events, amusement parks, and more. The next trip on our schedule is an overnight getaway to Atlantic City on New Year’s Eve. The Jersey Shore offers the hottest parties, best concerts, and most extravagant firework displays on the 31st. When you book transportation to Atlantic City from NYC with TailBus, you'll be in the center of the action so you can ring in the New Year with style.

The chartered bus to Atlantic City leaves at 10:00am and gets you to your destination in a little over 2 hours. You’re welcome to bring your own booze on board, if you want to get the party started early. You’ll get connected with new friends to party with, and you’ll have plenty of time to decide how you want to spend the night. There are so many concerts, shows, and parties to choose from! After a crazy night, you’ll meet up at 10:40am on the 1st of January for your trip back home. Learn more about the TailBus trip to Atlantic City on our blog.

Planning a Chartered Bus Trip

 Have a great idea for a trip? You can plan a shared adventure or look into chartering a bus in just a few simple steps. Hop over to our planning page for more details about pricing and availability. All you have to do is fill out an online form with details such as your name, contact information, trip idea, and time of the event. A member of our team will connect with you and do what it takes to get your idea rolling!

Chartering a Bus? Contact Us!

Connect with the TailBus team today via our online contact form or by phone at 212-498-9039 to learn more about scheduling your own chartered bus trip. We can’t wait to get your idea on the road!

The Jersey Shore is all about entertainment, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. If you’re looking to bring in 2016 with a bang, Atlantic City is the perfect party place for you! From old school rock and roll concerts to casinos and clubs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on the 31st. If you want to be apart of the wildest holiday parties, grab your friends and book your spots for Tailbus New Year’s Eve transportation to Atlantic City.


New Year’s Eve Events in Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City has more to offer than a hot club scene, there are also a variety of shows and other events on NYE to keep you entertained. Here is a run down of some of the hottest parties in Atlantic City on the 31st.


The Kevin Hart “What Now?” Tour will be in Atlantic City on December 31st. The show starts at 8:00pm and ends early enough so you can make it to the hottest dance parties before the night has even begun. Book your tickets in advanced to reserve your spot!

The Burlesque Show at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa features sexy, hilarious performers in their tribute to the 1940’s. If you love to be dazzled by glitz and glamour, this fast paced show is for you! Show starts at 10:00pm.

Midnight Fireworks at Tropicana are a great way to send 2015 out with bang! Celebrate the New Year with all of Jersey at midnight for free at this multimedia sound and light show.


This New Year’s Eve, Vice is spinning at mur.mur. If you’re looking for a wild dance party with great music, you don’t want to miss this event at The Borgata. Open bar from 9:00-11:00 included with admission.

Six parties—3500 people—One location. Uncorked New Year’s Eve is the biggest NYE event on the east coast. Join them as they break a Guinness Book of World Records for most champagne corks popped at midnight. The party will include a 5-hour open bar, dueling pianos bar, karaoke bar, Irish pub with live band, 20,000 ft. nightclub space with DJ Sojo, 20s speakeasy, and a VIP lounge with food.

The Haven Nightclub @ Golden Nugget Atlantic City is hosting DJ Fergie on NYE and the party promises to be out of control in the best way possible! Jaw-dropping productions combined with House and Techno music will excite the senses like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

There are hundreds of other parties and events that you don’t want to miss this New Year’s Eve! Atlantic City, NJ is the place to be if you want to party in 2016 with style.

Transportation to Atlantic City from New York City

It takes a little over 2 hours to drive to Atlantic City—not including traffic. This New Year’s Eve, get to the hottest party destination in style with TailBus. We provide hassle-free transportation and let you bring your own alcohol to get the party started early! Check-in time is at 9:40am in Union Square and the charter bus will depart at 10:00am. We arrive in Atlantic City, NJ at 12:30pm, giving you plenty of time to explore and prepare for a celebration that will last through the night. We’ll leave Atlantic City at 10:40am the next day and get you back to NYC by 1:30pm.

Book Your Spot for Transportation to Atlantic City

Avoid the trouble of driving yourself to the Jersey Shore with charter bus transportation to Atlantic City. Visit our website and reserve your spot on our trip to New Year’s Eve in Atlantic City today! We'll get you from NYC to Atlantic City and back safely and connect you with friends to party with, making this the best NYE ever! 


As another year draws to a close, all we can think about is how we’ll welcome 2016. There are countless parties and free things to do in New York City on New Year’s Eve, so it can be difficult to decide how you want to spend the holiday. The team at TailBus has composed a list of the best things to do on New Year’s Eve in NYC, so you can celebrate in style.


For People Who Love to Dance on New Years Eve in NYC:


Welcome 2016 Gatsby style with a party at Galapagos. This year, the theme is “Paris in the 1920s,” so you can indulge your inner love of flapper girls and gangsters. There will be burlesque and trapeze performances, followed by a hot dance party to keep you going from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. Tickets sell out fast, so get yours today for New Year’s Eve in NYC!

Glitterball NYC

The second annual East Williamsburg NYE party is sure to be a smashing success this year. There will be appearances from Willie Burns, Beats in Space, New York Endless, duo Soul 2 Seoul, and more! Put on your dancing shoes and head down to the party of the year this New Year’s Eve. Check out the Glitterball NYC website for more information.

Sons of Essex

You can party with a young, sexy crowd all night long at Sons of Essex. This place is known for its top-notch food and premium open bar, perfect for celebrating the New Year. Once you’re in the door, you’ll also be treated to a champagne toast and party favors to complete the experience. 

For People Who Love Music:

Jimmy Buffett – Barclays Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.

If you’re a country music lover, this New Years Eve in NYC is the perfect time to put on your cowboy boots and rock out to a margaritaville legend. Jimmy Buffett will make December 31st feel like a tropical paradise.

Phish – Madison Square Garden, New York

This rock and roll band is known for its extended jam sessions, musical improvisation, and mixing of genres. They’ve been together for over 20 years and have a dedicated fan base that lives for the musical genius. This year, they’re putting on 4 consecutive shows in Madison Square Garden, from December 30-January 2.

For People Who Love Fireworks:

On New Year’s Eve in NYC, the sky will light up with unrivaled firework displays. This year, there will be shows in Central Park, Prospect Park, Times Square and New York Harbor. The fireworks start at midnight, so be prepared to brave the cold with a warm coat and hot cup of coffee.

For People Who Love Tradition:

New Year’s Eve in Times Square

It’s cold. It’s crowded. It’s unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. Bringing in the New Year in Times Square is a once in a lifetime event that every New Yorker should experience at least once. This year, there’s a star-studded line up of musical performances that will keep you entertained throughout the evening while you wait for that beautiful ball to drop on New Year’s Eve in NYC.

AVA Lounge at the Dream Hotel

If you want a beautiful view of Times Square and a place to party on NYE, check out the AVA Lounge. This hotspot offers a rooftop view of Times Square, so you can watch the ball drop and seven hours of premium open bar, appetizers, a champagne toast, party favors, and more!


Escape the city’s hectic holiday rush with a day trip to one of New York’s finest ski resorts. The Hunter Mountain ski area is tucked away in slopes of three different mountains, creating a serene setting that can’t be beat. The varied terrain offers runs for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, making it the perfect place to take a group of friends. The resort also boasts a beautiful spa, luxury shopping, and fine dining options to entertain everyone after a long day on the mountain, which is why Hunter Mountain is one of the finest New York ski resorts. 

Hunter Mountain Ski resort

Hunter Mountain Ski Resort Hours and Mountain Stats

The lift operates from 9:00am – 4:00pm on weekdays and 8:30am – 4:00pm on weekends and holidays. Hunter west is open from 9:30am-3:30pm and the base lodge opens at 6:00am daily, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the resort amenities and slopes.

The base elevation of the mountain is 1600’ and the summit elevation is 3200’. There are 58 trails, 12 lifts, and a total of 240 skiable acres, so you won’t run out of new trails of explore. The terrain is divided evenly among beginner, intermediate, and advanced runs and 10% is considered expert runs. For more information about mountain stats, visit the Hunter Mountain website.

New York City Ski Resort Amenities

The Hunter Mountain spa is tucked away in Catskill Mountain, so you can breathe in the crisp mountain air as you indulge in your favorite spa services. This is the perfect way to end a day on the slopes, sending you home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Treatments include facial treatments, men’s treatments, massages, manicures, pedicures, and hair removal/waxing.

You can also shop for new equipment and clothing at the resort’s shops. There is a Demo Center, where you can take the newest gear for a test run, a Tuning and Repair shop, and the Board Room Snowboard Shop. The stores carry over 15 brands of clothing and over 20 brands of gear for your shopping convenience.

Hunter Mountain Activities  

If you’re not into skiing or snowboarding, the mountain is also home to a variety of alternative activities to keep you entertained. Mountain activities include the following:

Scenic Skyride: Six passengers can travel to the summit in style in this Kaatskill Flyer detachable chairlift.

Fly Fishing: Want to take your fishing game to the next level? Learn how to fly fish with an Orvis-Certified course at Hunter Mountain.

4x4 Off-Roading: Get away in style with this two-day luxury excursion.

Snowtubing: This activity is fun for the whole family – no experience required!

Zipline Adventures: Fulfill your need for speed and test your limits when it comes to heights. Hunter Mountain features the longest and highest zipline tour in North America.

Equipment Rentals and Lessons

If you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, you may want to start with lessons. Hunter Mountain offers group and private lessons, so you can learn alongside individuals at the same skill level or learn at your own pace. The lessons include equipment rentals, minimizing your initial investment in the sport. For more details about lesson and rental packages, visit the website and review the FAQ sheet.

TailBus trip to New York Ski Resorts

If you’re interested in escaping to Hunter Mountain for a day trip, TailBus can get you and your friends up there and back in style. You can plan a trip to Hunter Moutain and invite people to join you. If 29 people join, you’ll ride for free! We offer hassle-free transportation on luxury charter busses with complementary drinks that makes the journey as fun as the destination. Get planning now for an unforgettable day at one of the premier New York ski resorts.

If you’ve spent the holidays in New York City, you know that Christmas time is chaotic and simply magical. With hundreds of events and spectacles to take in, it’s hard to know what you really don’t want to miss out on. To help you navigate the holiday season, we’ve curated a New York City calendar of Events Christmas 2015. Browse our list of the top five things to do in NYC during Christmas time and mark your calendars for a season of fun!


  1. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

From December 2nd through January 7th, a 78-foot, 10-ton Norway Spruce will be illuminated for the city to enjoy. This spectacular tree is located at Rockefeller Center on 49th St between Fifth and Sixth Avenue. Grab a group of friends and take in the glow of 45,000 LED lights while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. If you’re really adventurous, head out to the lighting ceremony on December 2nd. You can enjoy performances by your favorite celebrities and dance companies while the city celebrates the start of the holiday season together at the Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting.

  1. Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park

Over 120 holiday shops line the 17,000 square-foot outdoor ice rink at the Bank of America Winter Village. You don’t want to miss sampling the trendy eateries, such as Super Mac + Cheez, while enjoying the Christmas cheer at Bryant Park. After you’ve had dinner and knocked out a few gifts on your shopping list, put on your skates and take a few laps around the rink. Skating is free for everyone (bring your own skates!)

  1. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular has been dazzling viewers for 88 years. The Rockettes offer a charming performance that kicks off the holiday season in true New York style. This year, be ready for a flying Santa Claus, massage LED screen, and a fabulous kick line. You don’t want to miss this glitzy take on the holidays that has become an annual tradition for tourists and locals alike.

  1. Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

At TailBus, the Dyker Heights Christmas lights is one of our favorite holiday events. Every year, the neighborhood comes together to create a Christmas light display like you’ve never seen before. This year, you can book a ticket with TailBus for hassle-free transportation to and from Dyker Heights with complementary wine and holiday cocktails on board. Upon arrival, we’ll send you off with map to explore the holiday lights and a to-go cup, so you can keep the party going all night long. Grab your friends and join our trip to the Dyker Heights holiday lights!

  1. The Nutcracker Ballet in NYC

From Broadway to the ballet, New York City is known for its high-quality entertainment. Premier performers from around the nation flock to NYC, putting on quite the show for tourists and cultured residents alike. This holiday season, you’ll want to take in a performance of the Nutcracker. This ballet is fun for all ages, combining creative costumes, breathtaking sets, and world-class dancing to create a feast for the eyes. Go see a childhood Christmas tale come to life this season at the New York City Ballet’s Nutcracker performance.

A New York Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without a full schedule of events. We hope our New York City calendar of events Christmas 2015 will help you make plans that will brighten your holiday season.


The holiday shopping season has begun, and we have the gift that’s on everyone’s list—A day trip to a New York ski resort!

New York is home to several top-tier ski areas, many of which can be reached in less than three hours by bus. TailBus offers hassle-free transportation from downtown NYC to nearby ski resorts, making it easy for you to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Don’t wait to reserve your spot on a winter TailBus trip—book your bus to skiing near NYC now!


Our Favorite New York Ski Resorts

You don’t have to travel far to reach a luxury ski resort in New York. You can take a daytrip by bus to skiing near NYC in under three hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the slopes and make back home that evening. There are resorts that feature runs for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, making it so easy for you and your friends to join a TailBus trip and hit the slopes together! Here is a rundown of our top three New York Ski Resorts.

  1. Hunter Mountain

We love Hunter Mountain, because it offers runs for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. There are 58 trails, divided into three distinct sections, so you can enjoy the slopes at your pace. Hunter Mountain also offers jumps, boxes, and rails for freestyle skiers and snowboarders, and a nine-lane snow-tube park for families. It takes 2 ½ hours to travel from downtown NYC to Hunter Mountain by bus.

  1. Windham Mountain Resort

If you’re a seasoned skier or snowboarder, the Windham Mountain Resort is the ski area for you! The resort boasts seven steep double-black runs, designed for thrill-seeking skiers that are looking for a challenge. Nearly half the runs are intermediate, giving you plenty of room to play. Windham Mountain Resort also offers a giant inflatable cushion that allows skiers and snowboarders a place to practice their jumps like a pro. The ski area is located 2 ½ hours outside of New York City.

  1. Belleayre Mountain

This state-run mountain is less expensive than other private ski areas and offers 47 trails that cater to all skill levels. Snowboarders will enjoy the recently renovated jumps, boxes, and rails that are perfect for practicing tricks. The ski area is located in the Catskills Forest Preserve, 2 ½ hours from downtown NYC, and boasts nearly 6 miles of backwoods trails. Whether you’re a skier, snowboarder, or snowshoe fanatic, there’s something at Belleayre Mountain for you. 

TailBus Bus to Skiing Near NYC

At TailBus, we specialize in crowd-sourced day trips that are simple to set up and even easier to join. (The hardest part is choosing a destination!) Once you’ve selected a ski resort in New York that you want to visit, head on over to our online booking page and click on the “initiate a trip” button. A short form will pop up, and all you have to do is enter a few details, such as the trip name, origin, destination, and date. A member of our team will contact you and get the wheels in motion, making your bus to skiing near NYC a reality. You even have the chance to ride for free if enough people join your getaway! Don’t wait—initiate a charter bus to skiing in New York today!



The Christmas season officially kicks off this weekend and the team at TourBus is getting in the spirit by planning a few holiday trips! The tour on everyone’s list this year? Our holiday lights tour. New York City boasts some of the best holiday light displays in the country, making light-looking an attraction that every native New Yorker and tourist doesn’t want to miss. We carefully plan every stop on our tour to ensure you see the best Christmas lights New York has to offer. When you travel with TailBus to see the Dyker Heights Christmas lights, you can enjoy the seasonal beauty in style, staying warm on our luxury charter bus. Grab your friends, family, and some hot chocolate and reserve your spots on the TailBus holiday lights tour today!


The Best Holiday Lights in New York City

 Christmas in NYC is pure magic. Snow covers the ground in a clean, white blanket, reflecting the lights of Park Avenue in a picturesque way that still melts our hearts. The holiday traditions in Manhattan, such as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, are recognized worldwide. Tourists flock to the heart of the city to get a taste of the holiday magic that they’ve seen portrayed in countless movies and television shows.

While many New Yorkers embrace the season and decorate their homes, several neighborhoods are famous for their holiday displays. Dyker Heights puts on a show that’s unparalleled, taking Christmas lights to a whole new level. (We’re talking about a 14-foot-tall animatronic Santa Claus and some serious wattage.) Look beyond the spectacle, however, and you’ll see the deep love of tradition and community that started it all.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

 The Dyker Heights neighborhood has strong Italian roots and is known for its unique homes with ornate, well-manicured lawns. During the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, the streets are packed with visitors who are excited to see the annual light show. Since the 1940s, the residents of Dyker Heights have embraced the holiday season and decked out their homes for everyone to enjoy. Holiday light looking has become a tradition for many New Yorkers, and wouldn’t be complete without a cannoli from a local bakery down the street. This annual event promotes community, bringing the neighborhood and people of New York together for a little taste of holiday magic.

TailBus Christmas Lights Tour

When you book your spot on the TailBus holiday lights tour, you’ll be connected with a group of people that love Christmas time as much as you do. We’ll drive you down the streets of New York City, stopping at Dyker Heights Christmas lights in Brooklyn for a unique light-looking experience. You’ll enjoy complementary wine and holiday cocktails onboard while traveling from Union Square to Dyker Heights. What better way to see the lights than in a warm, comfortable charter bus with a bunch of new friends?

Reserve Your Spot for the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour

When you book your spot on the TailBus holiday lights tour, you get hassle-free transportation to the best light displays in New York City. There’s no need to worry about traffic, crowded subways, or parking. TailBus takes care of every detail, so all that’s left for you to do is take in the brilliant display. Don’t miss your chance to start a tradition or make a Christmas memory—get your tickets today!



Once every four years, the New York Jets face the New York Giants in a game that attracts every football fan in the state. Because the teams play in different conferences, Jets vs Giants occurs rarely, making it a must-see game for fans of both teams. These fierce rivals have met only 12 times since their first matchup in 1970, despite the fact that the Jets and Giants share Metlife stadium. The teams’ next meeting is scheduled for December 6th, 2015, and we guarantee it’s a game that you don’t want to miss. Grab your blue or green garb and hop on the TailBus trip to Metlife.


What is TailBus—Charter Bus Trip from NYC to Jets vs. Giants

TailBus is a company that values the journey as much as the destination. We take care of every detail of your trip, so all you have to worry about is having a good time with your friends. We give you a wide variety of event options and put the planning power in your hands, allowing you to plan a crowdsourced trip of your own or join an existing getaway. Our excursions are priced competitively and offer reliable transportation from downtown New York City to all of your favorite activities.

When you step onto the charter bus from NYC to Metlife, you will be surrounded by fellow fans that are ready to have a good time at the Jets vs. Giants game. We provide complementary booze onboard during transportation and free tailgating at the stadium, so you can relax and enjoy every minute of your getaway. Still curious about TailBus? Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

Jets—Giants Game Day Itinerary  

The TailBus trip to Metlife stadium is all-inclusive. Your transportation ticket includes free beer and wine onboard the bus, complementary tailgating at the stadium, tables for drinking games, free swag, and more! Here is a rundown of your game-day schedule:

10:00am: Check-in for the day and board the charter bus

10:20am: Depart from 258 West 31st (31st St & 8th Ave), NYC

11:00am: Arrive at Metlife Stadium

11:00am-1:00pm: Tailgating in the stadium parking lot. (Lunch, beer and wine included)

1:00pm: The Jets vs. Giants game starts

4:15pm: Departure from Metlife in East Rutherford, New Jersey

5:30pm: Arrive in New York City

We worry about all of the game-day details, making it easy for you to jump onboard and enjoy your daytrip. A journey on our charter bus feels like a mini vacation with your closest friends – Buy your tickets now for transportation to Jets vs. Giants before spaces fill up!

Purchase Jets vs. Giants Transportation and Tailgating with TailBus

Do you want to take all of the hassle out of game day? TailBus tickets are easily purchased online, getting you to and from Metlife in style. Simply hop over to our website, enter your information or connect with Facebook, and pay using a credit card or Paypal. In just a few minutes, we’ll reserve your spot on a luxury charter bus full of fans that are as passionate about football as you are. You may come as strangers, but you’ll leave as friends. Spaces on TailBus day trips to Metlife fill up fast, so don’t forget to reserve your spot in advanced. Book now to get on the road December 6th to Jets vs. Giants in TailBus style—Don’t forget your jersey!

Stay tuned for more exciting trips. Please enter your email below and we’ll keep you in the loop on all our latest trips, events, and promotions!