Renting a 40 Passenger Party Bus or 50 Passenger Coach Bus in NYC


New York City is a hub of entertainment. The hottest shows frequent the big apple, and New Yorker’s have a front row seat to the biggest sporting events. The only problem is getting to these events. Transportation in NYC can be a bit tricky, considering the traffic and steep parking prices. If you and a group of friends want to get together and go to an event, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who wants to drive—That’s where TailBus comes in.VIP-party-bus-nightlife-tour-400x260

TailBus offers hassle-free transportation to the hottest events in New York City and the surrounding areas. You can rent a 40 passenger party bus or 50 passenger coach bus, or crowd-source a trip so other tailers can join you on the journey. Whether you have a great idea for a trip for a small group, or have a big group of friends that want to party in style on their way to an event, TailBus has a chartered bus for you. 

Our Charter Buses- 40 Passenger Party Bus and 50 Passenger Coach Bus

We have a wide selection of charter bus options for you to choose from. We offer party buses that range from 20-55 people and coach buses that range from 35-57 people. While most tailers prefer our larger charter buses, such as the 40 passenger party bus or 50 passenger coach bus, there are some events that are best chartered by a smaller bus.

Bachelor or Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and other special events may opt for a more intimate form of transportation, such as a 20 passenger party bus. Our 20 passenger party bus has fiber-optic lights, full wet bar, docking station for iphones, flat screen TV and more! It’s perfect for barhopping or getting you to and from an event in style.

Charter a Coach Bus in New York City

Our coach buses are a good form of transportation for large groups. Our fleet consists of seven bus options, so you can be sure we have the right bus for your event. Here is a list of our coach buses for rent in NYC:

35 Passenger Coach Bus

39 Passenger Coach Bus

50 Passenger Coach Bus

54 Passenger Coach Bus

55 Passenger Coach Bus

56 Passenger Coach Bus

57 Passenger Coach Bus  

How TailBus Works – Chartering a Bus in NYC

When you choose TailBus for your transportation needs, you can rest assured that you and your friends will make it to and from your event safely. Our driver’s are highly trained, offering you timely, professional service that takes all the stress out of travel. You can choose between a variety of coach buses and party buses, giving you the perfect option of transportation for any and every event.

Tailers have the choice to join a trip, or start their own journey. We offer unique, crowd-sourced trips that give you the freedom to present an idea to fellow New Yorker’s and invite them to join you on your way to the destination. Crowd-sourced trips are popular for sporting events, destinations, and concerts. If there is a hot event you want to get to in style, other New Yorker’s probably do it. When you start an event and 29 people join you, you’ll ride for free! All you have to do to get started is fill out our online contact form.

Contact Us for Chartered Busses in NYC

 If you’re interested in chartering a bus or initiating a crowd-sourced trip, reach out to our staff for a quote or help solidifying the details of your trip. We give your ideas wheels and make it easy to get on the road. Reach out to us now for charter bus service in New York City.

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