How To Conquer The Emotional Rollercoaster That Is NYC Travel


Whether you’re filing out of the Taylor Swift concert at MetLife, while belting out Bad Blood, stumbling out of another Nets loss at Barclays center, or pre-gaming on a Metro North train from Pelham to Grand Central – you’re probably all doing the same thing: waiting. Waiting for that person to move, waiting for the next train, waiting for a parking spot. In the NY Metro area, waiting is part of the adventure. So, let’s analyze the 4 stages of emotions that come with the adventure and subsequent waiting.

Excitement. You’re going to Montauk. You’re going to Citi Field. You’re going to MetLife. You’re going to Brooklyn Brewery. You’re going to Jones Beach. You’re going to Belmont Racetrack. Wherever you’re going, you’re excited. Excited because you’re getting out of the city, getting away from work, and just trying to enjoy some semblance of freedom. You walk out your door, breathe in that wonderful New York City air, hail a taxi, and you’re gone.

But not really…

Did you know that New York City does not even have rush hour? “Wait…what?” That’s right – according to Ben Wellington of I Quant NY, it is simply a “rush day.” In his article “Quantifying the Best and Worst Times of Day to Hit The Road in NYC,” Mr. Wellington explains that from 8AM-7PM New York City cars are averaging 11.5 MPH. I realize Manhattan itself is around 30 sq. miles but 11.5 MPH is literally a snail’s pace. I once ran 11.5 MPH on a treadmill for thirteen seconds so I am pretty much comparable to a taxi. Unless, you’re leaving at 5AM, getting into a car, taxi, bus, rickshaw etc. and driving out of the city, getting anywhere will likely be a nightmare.

Screenshot from Business Insider during an NYC snowstorm.

Anger. Now you’re just angry. You have gone six blocks in twenty minutes. You made sure to give yourself plenty of time before you actually need to be where you’re going. Why is nothing moving? Your next move is to get out of the cab and find the nearest subway station because trains are always running and you can get pretty much anywhere in and around the city on the trains. After twenty minutes, no trains and no communication from anyone running the trains. Then you remember you have an Uber credit from when your driver got pulled over going the wrong way on East Drive through Central Park. You pull out your phone, request an Uber, and the car arrives within minutes.

FOMO – Remember that pesky traffic we talked about earlier? Yeah, that hasn’t gone anywhere. But now you’re not angry anymore, you’re entering the FOMO isolation zone. Where are your friends? Are they already at the concert? How could they just have fun without you? You need a drink. Can this driver cut it with the chit chat? The walls are closing in around you. You finally arrive at your destination with seconds to spare.

Pre-Emptive Anxiety – Time to party and let loose, right? No. Not after that transportation debacle. Now the only thing on your mind is you in about 2 hours as some thirty thousand people stream out of this venue and try to get back into the city. Your anxiety is growing, you begin to sweat as people bump into you and you suddenly get separated from your friends. The concert is over and the doors let loose like a goddamn flood gate. People are spewing into the streets and covering cabs, Ubers, bicycles and whatever else they can find like ants on a piece of pineapple. But wait, what’s that in the distance? There is a light off in the distance and you can hear your name being screamed from a distance. You stumble toward the light and all of a sudden, brightness envelops you.

Your eyes blink and adjust to the lights on the bus, your ears hear Maroon 5, and your lips feel plastic touch them. “You fell asleep – drink more Rose.”

Welcome to the only feeling when traveling with TailBus: euphoria.


You enter the bus and embrace the buzz of excitement. We don’t make traffic disappear but we make waiting in traffic a lot more fun with complimentary drinks aboard a luxury charter bus. Anger doesn’t exist onboard. Only people looking to have fun on the preeminent party bus in NYC. FOMO doesn’t exist when you are with your friends and you are the party. For the entirety of your trip, TailBus takes away the hassle of traveling in and around the New York City area: no screaming at a car to let you over, no fighting for a parking spot outside MetLife, no punching someone in the face for a cab outside MSG. Whether you’re going to a private event, a Jets game at MetLife, or a concert at Jones Beach, TailBus makes getting there fun.

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