The Best Ways To Get To The Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival


Drive. Just hop in your friend’s car and go on a road trip. That is assuming they have a car, and it is car is parked in the city, and the attendant is actually at the booth and can find the keys, and you can make it out of the city. So no worries with any of that. Then you would sit in traffic, sit in some more traffic, try to find parking, end up paying a crap ton of money for parking, then walk a mile barefoot from said crappy parking. And the cherry on top: you can’t drink - because you drove.

Uber. Duh. Uber is so easy and simple. Just request an Uber and you will be at Jones Beach before you know it. Heck, Google Maps says if you leave right now (8:26PM on Thursday, August 19) you could be there in 53 minutes! Obviously, Uber is the easiest way to get there. Until you take into account all of the traffic. All the sheer volume of people ordering Ubers. And the fact that Uber will definitely be surging and a cool $200+.

Train. The LIRR. Chug a chug a chug a choo choo. Realistically, the LIRR is a great option. It is easy and a straight shot from Penn Station to Freeport. There is just one issue, the concert isn’t in Freeport. It’s about 8 miles south of Freeport. Getting on a bus for 10 minutes seems pretty nice until you take into consideration the amount of people attending Billboard Hot 100. It’s not just people from the city, it is people from Jersey, CT, Long Island. Those people that decided to take public transportation, yeah, they’re all going to be fighting for spots on these buses. I have never been to the Freeport LIRR Station but I don’t think the first time I experience it should be when I am surrounded by thousands of drunk, high “millennials.”

Helicopter. Helicopter. Helicopter. I said it three times for emphasis. Billboard is currently offering some pretty insane VIP packages but their most ridiculous one by far is the Poser VIP Package. Aside from being a terrible name with a negative connotation, the package includes a meet & greet, prime seating, a helicopter ride to and from the venue. And it’s only $10K. So just don’t pay your rent for the next two months and you’re all set.

Taxi. I mean - there is nothing financially viable about taking a taxi to Jones Beach. You’re wasting your money and you’re definitely pissing off the driver.

Walk. It’s only an 11 hour walk.

So, how should you actually get to the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival?
TailBus. The only real way to get to Nikon Theatre at Jones Beach. The preeminent transportation for the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival. Your very own party bus. An NYC event bus, roundtrip with a flat rate & free booze taking you to and from the music festival. How does it get any better than that? Your party starts the minute you step on the bus and our chaperone hands you a Tito’s and soda. So let’s run it back. You could choose one of the options above and spend a few hundred (or thousand) dollars and just not have that great of a time. Or, you can spend $95 and your entire trip is taken care of. That’s right $95 for a roundtrip ticket, free booze, and admission to the music festival. All in one.

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